Student Awards

CTAS strongly encourages student participation at its meetings. Students attending a Canadian University are eligible to win a Monetary Award of $200 for the best technical paper/poster during the Technical Workshop and Exhibition of the Canadian Thermal Analysis Society (CTAS).

Past CTAS Student Award Winners:

2011 Alan Nixon  UOIT (Oshawa)

Thermochemical Production of Hydrogen by Splitting of Water:  Synthesis of Copper Oxychloride and Thermal Decomposition Studies.

K.M. Erickson University of Guelph

Ionization Constants of Acetic Acid in H2O and D2O from 100 oC to 275 oC at 20 MPa: Deuterium Isotope Effects under Hydrothermal Conditions

V.V. Chirmanov University of Guelph

Thermal Analysis of Highly Unstable Inclusion Materials: Clathrates of a Nickel Complex with Aromatic Guests

D. McGillivray UOIT (Oshawa)

Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes using a Supercritical Fluid Sol-Gel Aided Method.


A. Yazdani

University of Guelph

"Inclusion compounds of Leu-Ala Dipeptide: synthesis, crystal structures and thermoanalytical studies"

L. M. Federico

McMaster University

Comparison of the Reactivity of Cement Mixtures Containing SCM or Waste Glass Using Thermal Analysis

C.T. Brown (Poster)

University of Guelph

"Inclusion compounds of Leucyl-Leucine with aromatic molecules: a GC/MS, powder XRD amd TG analyses study"


P. Nadworthy

University of Alberta

Determining critical properties for nanocrystalline silver antimicrobial activity via heat treatment: a kinetic study

C. Johnson

Carleton University

Thermal hazard assessment of nitrobenzene/dinitrobenzene mixtures

E. Okeke

University of Guelph

Coordination and inclusion compounds formed between a metal (II) dibenzoylmetanate (Co, Ni, Zn, Cd) and quinoline or isoquinoline: thermal stability and dissociation mode


Zena S. Ng

University of Waterloo

Prediction of Thermal Properties of Agricultural Filler-Polypropylene Composites by Use of Network Models


Jacky K. Y. Tang

University of Waterloo

Cooling Rate Studies of a Polycarbonate/Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene Polymer Blend using DSC

Feng Tian

University of New Brunswick

Absolute Measurements of Thermal Conductivity of PolyAcrylic Acid Solution by the Transient Hot Wire Technique


Matthew Garvin

University of Waterloo

Cure Kinetics Modeling of an Electrically Conductive Adhesive (ECA)


Yonathan Anahory

Université de Montréal

Nanocalorimetry: Studying Thermal Processes at the Nano Scale

Shi Yan

University of New Brunswick

Radiation Effects in the Transient Hot-Wire Technique: Propane


Young Min Kim

McMaster University

Photopolymerizations of Mixtures of Diepoxide and Mono-vinyl Ether and Principal Component Analysis of RT-FTIR Spectra for the Polymerizations

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